A Contemporary and Fine Arts Curator in South Florida

[Est. 2011]

Blink Group is a contemporary and fine arts curator, and an inventive, experienced and dedicated multicultural full spectrum boutique arts firm. Blink Group delivers extraordinary and tangible results in Public Relations, Brand Consulting, Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Special Events and Promotions. Blink Group masterfully combines traditional arts with the latest new media to achieve the best results possible.


Blink Group was born from a love of art and friendships. Our mission is to ensure that every detail of our artist/client relationship is perfect. With extensive experience in sales, marketing and client relations, Blink Group works to create and foster the collaboration between artist, gallery, museum and media.

Blink Group believes that by building meaningful bonds within the art world, unique painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video and new media, can reach a broader audience giving everyone the chance to be transformed.  Blink Group excels at pairing diverse artists with the appropriate venue, and promotion, Blink Group’s goal is to create a singular experience for art lovers and emerging  artist alike.


Blink Group Gallery brings fine art and contemporary artists together.  We have been engaged and retained by numerous high-profile clients throughout the US and Europe to curate and commission art on their behalf in order to enhance and improve their developments and projects. We work directly with artists all over the world and Artists gain exposure to global audiences thereby collectors can discover new and original art from both established famous artists, to young up-and-coming emerging artists from around the world.

We source work of art direct from the artist studios, workshops, foundries and our sources for sculpture are unlimited, in order to meet our clients expectations and demands to acquire real art rather than decorative art without paying high gallery or retail prices.

Every client is dealt with on a individual and unique basis. As a small consultancy, we specialize in careful and controlled client service, by limiting the number of projects we at any time are engaged in, this enables us to give our clients the 100% attention they deserve.

Our prime ability is to assess and understand the client’s needs directly, and understand the requirements for their project, enabling us to translate these into the most suitable art selection on a case by case basis.

Blink Group’s pop-up, internet, and in-venue Art Fair gallery specializes in the production of curated art exhibits globally. Operating out of Miami, FL, Blink Group was founded by Elizabeth “Lola” Reyes. The principals’ vast experience in sales, marketing and branding across the US, Latin America and Europe, empowers Blink Group to assist collectors, galleries, museums and various institutions build and grow their artist roster and collections.

Our knowledge of current art trends around the world, coupled with our roster of artists, collectors, and venues ensure you can count on Blink Group for effective business guidance and personalized quality service.

We also believe that the client is an essential part of the team, along with the architects and interior designers. A successful project is one where we all collaborate together as a team to achieve the goals.

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