Elizabeth Reyes “Lola”

Founder & Curator

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Founder of Blink Group Us LLC.  Director and Curator of BlinkGroup Gallery and BlinkGroup Projects. Elizabeth is of Cuban background and raised with a diverse culture between South America and the United States.

Elizabeth was no stranger to the art industry, as her father, Andy Pruna was a major documentary filmmaker. As well as her closest uncle, Emilio Sanchez, was a fine artist known for his architectural paintings. Her corporate experiences in the world of fashion and luxury goods in the United States and Europe led to her realizing her newest, most flourishing visions within the Art world. Elizabeth has taken her gallery experience and seamlessly transferred her eclectic aesthetic into the perfect partnership with established interior designers and individuals seeking a customized re-invention of their homes and businesses. Elizabeth brings this highly cultivated, heartfelt skill into every design project she undertakes.


Caitlin Martinez


Director of Blink Group, graduated with a B.B.A from LIM College in New York City. Immersed by a variety of cultures in the big apple, as well as, the endless amount of surrounding Art has led her to become well acquainted with the Art world. She has managed to weave her unique stylistic approach into her form of curating and selections of art pieces.

Caitlin thrives on her ability to lead an excellent gallery experience; whether it be with the artist, collector, designer, etc. Her passion and dedication do not go unnoticed. 


Diana Sarmiento


Associate of Blink Group, is a student of the arts with years of experience working as a photographer. Diana has a talent in capturing moments and interpreting those moments as a bigger picture. She applies these talents of a keen eye and great judgement in the experience she provides for Blink Group.

Diana believes that without art life would be a little less beautiful.

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