“Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands.”

-Anonymous/ Unknown


Rapheal Crump


In January of 2017, I started a series titled “Mystery of the Flying Kicks”. Paintings of high fashion, popular and nostalgic shoes that have been flung over power lines in the street. The image of such expensive shoes in out of reach situations symbolizes the fact that we have taken items that were made to keep our feet clean and put them so high up on a pedestal that we can no longer acquire them.

There are multiple meanings behind the act of shoes being tossed over power lines. From passed gallery shows I have both educated and sparked conversation with gallery-goers on the symbolism. With my series, I wish to catch the eye of the curious spectator who both loves fashion, art and is curious to the true meaning. From memories to gang or drug areas, to even bullying and now an art form you will notice sneakers hanging over power lines and now think of

“Mystery of the Flying Kicks”.


My name is Rapheal Crump, a New York born and raised artist now residing in Dallas Texas. After graduating from School of Visual Arts with a BFA in 2007, I went on to pursue my professional career in the visual arts. Through the years I have based most of my artwork around culture and urban culture. Coming up in New York I have spent time in many neighborhoods around the city and learned about what it is like growing up in urban communities. Seeing the many aspects of urban life ranging from street art to fine art, I include my experience in my work.

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