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Flandes Art


Francisco R. Hernandez “ FLANDEZ” was born in Matanzas, Cuba on May 9th of 1966.
Since very early in his life Flandez showed interest for the Arts, making him the youngest in his city to begin courses as amateur at the Wilfredo Lam amateur institution, were he became obsessed with the esculptures and the grandiosity of the art.

years of study and throughout his career, flandez has mastered his skills working with a diversity of materials and techqniques.

He specialized on Monumental Sculptures, His work is enthusiastic and engaging, motivated by everything that surroundds him ranging from the figurative to the abstract. his unwavering love and discipline for the arts has molded him into a passionate and incredible artist.


1975-1978 Wilfredo Lam Amateur Institution, Matanzas Cuba.

1978-1981 (EVA) Vocational School of Arts of the Povince, Matanzas Cuba.

1981-1985 (ENA) National School of Arts, Habana Cuba.


1988 Awarded at the II Iternational Simposium of Sculptures: Shape Sun and Praire, Baconao Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

1994 Awarded 1st Place Tendering of Plaza de la Revolución Matanzas, Cuba.

Art Exhibitions and Events:

1987 Gallery of Arts Matanzas, Cuba.

1988 Oriente Gallery Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

1988 National Simposium of Art, Cardenas Cuba.

1988 II Iternational Simposium of Sculptures: Shape Sun and Prairie, Baconao
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

1989 National Simposium of Art Moa ’89, Holguin Cuba.

1991 Monumental – Environmental Event, Perico Matanzas Cuba.

1991 Varadero Art Gallery Matanzas, Cuba.

1995- 2000 Varadero Art Gallery, Matanzas Cuba.

1996 Hotel Melia Varadero Art Gallery Matanzas, Cuba.

1997 Hotel Melia Varadero Art Gallery Matanzas, Cuba.

April 2016 – Open Exhibit at Irazoqui Art Gallery, Wynwood, FL.

July 2016 – Art Fair Santa Fe 2016, Santa Fe, TX with Irazoqui Art Gallery.

August 2016- “ View of my Land” exhibited at Black and White- A Collective Visual Art Exhibition, Milander Center Hialeah, FL

September 2016 For the Love of Art, Coral Gables, FL

September 2016 Piece “ Mundos Paralelos’ exhibited at Milander Center Hialeah, FL.

Art Collectors of Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Argentina and all over the globe have the pleasure of owning some of Flandez work.

Artist resides in Miami in the actuality and his work can bee appreciated at different events all trough out the city.

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