Artist Adriana Carvalho is a Brazilian visual artist. Adriana Carvalho has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the HCG Gallery. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘IGNORANCE’ sold at Sotheby’s New York ‘Contemporary Curated’ in 2015 for $15,000. There have been Several articles about Adriana Carvalho, including ‘Cando Arts Co-op in Miami Beach’ written for Miami Art Guide in 2010.

Brazilian born Adriana Carvalho received her BFA from the Faculdade de Artes Plasticas in Sao Paulo. Upon graduation, she moved to Chicago where she was first introduced to the welding process. Chicago’s extensive resources for recycled materials, world renowned architecture, iron structures and public art influenced her art making process, merging the spirituality of her native country, Brazil, with the industrial personality of Chicago.

Adriana presently lives and works in Miami Beach, an environment that has fostered her work and allowed it to become more adventurous by incorporating diverse, unexpected materials to communicate her ideas. She creates artwork out of passion and ideas from circumstances in daily life. The challenge for Adriana is working with harsh items as metal products, and delicately transforming them into an artwork that represents her dreams, fears and social commentary.

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