Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures – Henry Ward Beecher

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Born in Los Angeles, California, Artist Francesca Filanc is a naturally talented and prolific artist. Her inner being is consumed by her unrelenting desire to create original works of sheer beauty.

Abstract expressionist painting is an obsession for Francesca Filanc. Its electrifying brush strokes and complex use of naturally vibrant color lets her embrace the opportunity to produce fine art for all to enjoy for its positive healing energy.

Self-taught, Artist Francesca Filanc demonstrated a proficiency and aptitude for painting at a very early age ‒ it is simply in her being. Francesca comes from a unique and culturally recognized family of artists. The legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright is Francesca’s step great grandfather. She remembers sitting on his lap as a small child. Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John Lloyd Wright her step grandfather followed in his fathers footsteps and grew up to become an architect. John was also an inventor of Toys. The most famous toy being “Lincoln Logs” which he invented when he was only nineteen. John’s wife, Frances Lloyd Wright was Francesca’s parental grandmother. Francesca lived right next door to her grandparents when growing up; they were wonderful and fostered her painting abilities. Gradually, she became a diligent student of art history while concurrently carving out her own distinct style and unique ability.

With this cohesive series of works, Francesca Filanc approaches her blank canvasses with a raw and powerful creative force and offers not only an aesthetically pleasing and masterfully executed final product, but also a tremendously valuable insight into the depths of human emotion, tenderness and vulnerabilities.

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