The infinite is near

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Artist Ric Globus

I consider myself a fine art painter who applies the most modern of techniques to create my work. As art often reflects the society in which it is created, so does the technology of that particular moment in time has a similar “mirroring effect”. In these intensely abstract images, I am creating realities that only exist in my paintings. These paintings are created both on the computer and by my hand by means of a stylist and tablet. In the rendering of the images, I rely on these contemporary tools, the palette of today’s technology. As I create my shapes, explore multiple dimensions and layers, work with shading, highlights and shadows, I am ever conscious of classical traditions of art.

Observing my paintings, the viewer is enticed into new, labyrinthine worlds of intersecting forms and vectors, abstract and yet hyper-real within those universes. I am especially pleased with the woven compositions which showcase the intricacies of
the effects possible when one is deeply familiar with this remarkable technology. I am able to paint a truly three dimensional space upon a flat canvas.

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