Artist Statement

My artistic work is a recreation of all that relates to the urban habitat. Taking my environment as the source of my inspiration, I begin with the architectural spaces in which time inevitably has left its mark. An imprint rough, deep, lacerating, that obliterates and deteriorates, while at the same time creates other spaces.

In principle, I used the specific elements that characterize our architecture, as reasons. Mainly inherited from the colony, to this day it feeds into the facades, parks, plazas and interiors of the entire Island (Cuba). Although in the same way that I have accumulated real images of buildings and streets throughout the city, I tried to savor every corner, inquire into its spirit: to feel, beyond what is seen. The city is destroyed, time does not slow its pace; man forgets that necessity cures and frees one from malady. It’s a power struggle relationship, where those that have, dodge, and those that come behind merely survive.

My artwork is the result of all this, I cannot escape the relentless abandonment of humankind to what has given them shelter. On the other hand, I also cannot escape the true maternal instinct of these structures, although helpless, still host in silence, humanity in need of protection. The oddity being that this exchange benefits both parties. Any of our neighborhoods can scream for help yet they breathe life, laughter, tears and joy. Much sadder are the empty spaces, holes and cavities that also flood the streets. My art also speaks to this.

A first glimpse, my work would nullify any presence of the individual or the social order. The truth is I do not paint buildings or cities, or urban landscapes. Above all, I try to create so that it’s the soul that transpires. Lights on and off, windows that open and close, souls that peak, look, endure, silent, they are always there, inside and behind the forms.

Currently I am working on a piece with which I intend to represent graphically the cluster of sensations that these fears cause. Parting from the abstraction, using crowds as inspiration, overlapping planes almost infinite, forming the dissimilar living spaces of our cities, I insist on the use of white canvas as an escape to this unintentional vacuum. As an individual, I feel the weight of this mass of people and things…I know those who constantly suffer from breathlessness. White proposes an unknown underlying universe, in which behind, lurks the boundless.

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