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Diego Cappella was born in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971. Being aware that life groups people according to their talents and common interests so that they can develop and grow, he can affirm that his interest began at the age of 5, when his parents, who were linked to the artistic atmosphere, gave him a first approach with a Kodak Instamatic X­‐35.

With art in his DNA, his first days took place between television productions and theater, at a time when the differences between them were very few. From there he began to enrich his language, studying everything that he considered useful for communicating and to communicate: graphic design, art direction, ceremonial and protocol, social communication and of course, photography. His formal career began as a designer in the publishing industry, which soon led him to produce his own magazine in Miami, “DVOX Magazine”. His interest in searching for new challenges led him to the ad world, where he worked for multinationals such as Honda, Coca Cola, and American Express.  He received multiple awards and recognition for his work.

Diego always took photos, always adding to his passion. Far from being a professional change, advertising gave him the experience and stability needed to bring the photography back to the forefront of his life. In 2010, He created his own commercial studio in Miami, Cappella Photography, and from there the platform to transmit his artistic potential.

Married with children, the question made by one of them that triggered the change was: Who was Diego Cappella? A Photographer, no doubt.


How do you feel the membrane of a city? How do you feel the planet covered with another skin that is not yours? What textures, what accidents, what stories, which old and new inhabitants?

My work develops from questions such as these: the conceptualization of cities and their landscapes not only as spaces singled out by my lens, but as part of a body whose life extends beyond the obvious: subtle shots that are part of the whole, and make it possible.

I stopped to observe how, in spite of the effort of the progress that natural body is expressed in each space of a city, its spontaneous essence is presented before my eyes and its appearance makes me remember where we come from and what we are really made of. My eye, my lens are those who are emotionally aligned to capture that natural hidden world that the man is trying to sectorize but the powerful and impeccable nature does not give up, in each area of the city.

I understand my work as the reading of the coffee grinds: in the images that I capture there is past, present and a future where the forces of nature and humanity are present. Both coexist in the city, but they run at different times and their moments in my lens are nothing more than a glorification of their individuality. This also allows me to be in a specific place and at the same time in many, that is to say, in the unity of the earth, its elements and its forms. In a system of layers, I attempt to uncover them one by one, from the great panoramic up to a tiny fraction. The importance of the part, the detail in our coexistence with nature and its thorough search, almost scientific.

In this aspect, it is art and science: a single task, as it is the art of abstraction, and at the same time continuing of the human need to see and review, to understand, to make up the mind, to prepare for the contingencies, for the migrations, to the appearance, the transformation and the disappearance of the species.

My art is an art of conscience of the world. My camera is guided by my soul, finding in the different places of a city something that makes us feel, vibrate and connect with our mother earth, our great Gaia.

Miami, my place in the world today, is the beginning of an incredible journey towards my inner as well as the cities trying to discover Gaia in each one of them. My conscious journey began here, but efforts while living in the embody where its magnetism invites me to tell a new story. This is precisely Urban Nature Project for me: an essentially vital project that brings the element of surprise to the line of existence.

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