Amber Resin, Oil on Canvas


With a background in photography, video, and installation, Karlos Perez’s paintings have blurred the order of the traditional discourse of art. His works are not “portraits” in the traditional sense, but rather the power of the images comes from their existential character. Pérez’s paintings blur the boundaries between mediums. Fragments of images have been meticulously analyzed by the artist and processed through the filters of his personal experiences.

Family photographs become surreal–somehow absent of any spatial and temporal location. The artist scratches at the canvas, blots on paint, obstructs and interferes with the visual, reshaping the events that had previously been captured on film. The results are enigmatic paintings that seem to have traveled through time to captivate us in the present.

Born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1990, Cuban artist Karlos Pérez Nápoles is a markedly accomplished aritst at 26 years of age. Now based in Havana, Pérez is a graduate of the prestigious Institute of Superior Art. His paintings are in museums all over the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bronx Museum in New York, NY, as well as in notable private collections throughout the U.S., as well as Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland.

In addition, his paintings are the backdrop in Al Pachino and Anthony Hopkin’s 2016 film Misconduct.

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