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Born in the city of Matanzas, Cuba, in 1977, Noel Dobarganes began his artistic career in a self-taught way by the age of 17. Later on he graduated from the Professional School of Plastic Arts “Roberto Diago”. By the young age of 22 his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in various Galleries.

Noel Dobarganes works has been described as a reflection of his creative perspective. He uses spontaneously and experimentally all the possible plastic resources to express in a very personal way the reality of his interior, falling into a state of trance in the creative process that exposes the beauty of the stains, colors, and effects as well as the mystic sense of brush strokes, gestures, and textures. He achieves in his canvases that the dream and lyricism take supremacy over abstraction.

Throughout Noel’s artistic career, he has received a number of prizes including those in 1996, the prize and mention in the Amateurs Salon of the House of Culture in Matanzas and in 2008, the first prize of the abstract Galleria Pedro Esquerres.

Noel’s work can be found in numerous public and private collections around the world in such countries as the United States, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Canada, Ecuador, Germany , London, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Cuba. He is among the great Cuban collection of Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Angel Turcarelli in Luxembourg, Casino Da Povoa in Portugal, Alin Ryan Lobo in London and Gora Gallery in Canada. Noel currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Description on Noel’s work by Píter Ortega Núñez / Curator and Art Critic

Temporarily, illumination and poetry:

The aesthetics of Noel Dobarganes

Time and memory

The work of Noel Dobarganes (Matanzas, Cuba, 1977) focuses on time and memory as fundamental axes of reflection. His paintings are laden with elements that simulate dry leaves, roots, crumpled papers. When we are in front of his works, our minds make a trip to the past: the artist places us in front of the imprint of something that had life in the past, and slowly dissolves or deteriorates in the present. Hence his works are so mysterious and enigmatic.

Many of his paintings also pay tribute to emblematic figures of world history or art history: Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Chaplin, Homer, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway and José Martí are just a few examples. For Noel it is important (and imperative) that we know our history, so that we do not return to mistakes of the past.

The Light

Another protagonist in Noel’s paintings is light. In his pieces, light dominates and decides everything. It is the beginning and the end. For this, the artist uses many effects of glazes and transparencies whose final result is a very delicious light and chromatic vibration. In this direction, most of the time the subject becomes a mere pretext for plastic experimentation. More than the speech or the message, the artist is interested in playing with the effects of lights and shadows.

Style and Pictorial Genres

Noel Dobarganes is a versatile artist, who has moved between abstraction and figuration very fluently. Likewise, he has expressed himself in rural landscapes, animal representations, human faces, female nudes, among others. Some distinctive elements of his style are the dynamism and visible movements of the compositions, the marked chromatic contrasts, and a great complexity in the relation figure/background (almost always surpassing the first one above the second). Noel likes the complexity of color, areas and lines. His spaces are loaded in a way that sometimes we get a certain “horror vacui.” The artist likes decoration, ornament. On the other hand, textures also have vital importance in his works: seductive textures, full of sensuality and life. Virtual or real textures, in all cases inciting us to touch the surfaces of the works.

The paintings of Noel Dobarganes are that: a true feast for the senses.

The Poetry

The relationship between man and nature, the unpredictable effects of light, as well as the links between past, present and future, are approached by the artist through multiple layers of paintings that overlap each other. In the conjugation of all this is the essence of the visual poetry that distinguishes Noel Dobarganes.

Píter Ortega Núñez
Curator and Art Critic
Miami, January 2017

“El arte, mis hijos y Dios; es todo por lo que vivo, existo y pienso. Todo lo demás fuera de eso es secundario “

Noel Dobarganes
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