What’s On Your Walls

Steps to collecting work by emerging artists

Blink Group Chief Curator Elizabeth Reyes breaks down the process of discovering and buying original art by emerging artists. She offers a special focus on how to collect the unique medium of photography; what to consider when buying for investment; how to build a collection on any budget; and stories of collectors who have helped support some of history’s best-loved artists. After reading this guide, you’ll be equipped to make sound investments in art for the quality of your life; be the first to discover the next great artist of our time; and learn to trust your instincts when buying art you love.


  1. A little history
  2. Do your homework
  3. Fall in love
  4. How deep are your pockets
  5. Curating your own collection
  6. What’s your focus ( photography , painting , sculptures)
  7. Art as an investment
  8. Don’t over think
  9. Make sure it’s right for your space

We have an unparalleled selection of paintings, photography, sculpture, and drawings by over 10, 000 artists from around the world.

Our personalized art advisory service gives you access to your own expert curator, first time free of charge.

Blinkgroup features works at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and projects.

We handle all aspects of international shipping and customs for a completely hassle-free delivery.

What’s In It For The Artist

Art Sales Representation

Through our art sales representation services, we offer a variety of tactics to help artists sell their art.

• Through existing contacts and networks, as well as developing new ones, BlinkGroup will provide you with sales opportunities. We will assist you by marketing your work to potential art buyers and intermediaries; both individually and collectively.

• We will inform you of all upcoming events to help you become more aware of the “art scene”.  Participation will help you with obtaining name recognition, and guiding you through the process.

• Our service includes featuring your art on our website and sales cart, when available (with monthly maintenance and updates of all your newest work; prices and sales included.)

• Your art will be in our newsletter. This will announce you (to our audience) as one of BlinkGroup’s newest artists, and feature your latest works.

• We will facilitate client communication with regards to proper presentation and / or design ideas to insure complete satisfaction and future sales.

Artist Brand Consulting

Consultations in person, via telephone, online or studio visits are designed to help visual artists develop the skills they need to strengthen their presentation and develop their brand identification. Our extensive and varied experience combined with an understanding of art trends enables us to suggest markets most suited for each individual artist. Personal Branding, developed from concept to implementation, using the creation of a new brand, or the formulation of a desired message from an existing one. You will receive straightforward advice in a format you can begin to implement immediately.

BlinkGroup gives its artists the freedom to focus exclusively on the creative process of their work by managing their international image and expansion strategies, as well as administrative matters of their artistic career and studio.

Please note that the fees may vary based on the project and travel.

Focus Topics:

The Art of Business Relationships: contracts and negotiations; New artistic concepts; Work on consignment; pricing your work; percentages; discounts to collectors and art dealers; how to select an appropriate gallery; gallery approach and presentation; right of exclusivity; insurance; packing and shipping information; who pays for what; how to write an effective press release.

Resources: Framing techniques; alternative spaces; copyright information and application procedures; business permits and licensing requirements.

Documentation: How to photograph artwork; good images vs. poor images; keeping updated image files; how to label and select images that best represent your work.

Preparing an effective biography, artist statement and cover letter; publications portfolio presentation techniques; developing contacts.

A well-defined strategy will provide guidelines for targeted development.

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