Blink Group’s Founder and Director, Elizabeth Reyes, has a successful process in her way of discovering and buying original art by emerging and established artists. She can guide collectors with many areas like but not limited to the following: how to collect the unique medium of photography, what to consider when buying for investment, how to build a collection on any budget, and stories of collectors who have helped support some of history’s best-loved artists. After receiving the services provided by Blink Group, you’ll be equipped to make sound investments in art for the quality of your life, be the first to discover the next great artist of our time, and/or learn to trust your instincts when buying art you love.


  1. A little history
  2. Do your homework
  3. Fall in love
  4. How deep are your pockets
  5. Curating your own collection
  6. What’s your focus ( photography , painting , sculptures)
  7. Art as an investment
  8. Don’t over think
  9. Make sure it’s right for your space

We have an unparalleled selection of paintings, photography, sculpture, and drawings by over 10, 000 artists from around the world.

Our personalized art advisory service gives you access to your own expert curator, first time free of charge.

Blinkgroup features works at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and projects.

We handle all aspects of international shipping and customs for a completely hassle-free delivery.



Finding the perfect art piece for a hotel or resort can be complex, but Blink Group aims to find the perfect pieces. Selections are made to match the services, style,  and atmosphere which all come together to create a memorable experience for their guests. Blink Group’s consultants work with clients to define what they envision their hospitality experience to consist of. Blink Group connects deeply with how this vision should be communicated by sourcing art for hotels that enhances and complements it. Blink Group approaches the findings of art works for hospitality businesses with a lot of creativity that inspire a guest and reflect the atmosphere of the place.


Blink Group consults corporate clients with their company’s identity and message in mind. Whether it is an eye-catching statement piece, or a classic sculpture /painting, each piece will be carefully chosen to reflect the corporate aesthetic. Selections are made from our inventory of works consisting of international modern and contemporary artists; and if our inventory does not align with their vision commission works can be made. We understand that not every corporate environment is the same, and we take this into full consideration with every corporate project.


Blink Group believes residential projects are the most intrinsic because it is a representation of the owner and/or different members of one family. The pieces that are ultimately chosen elevate the design of one’s residence and adds character to the atmosphere. This process can not be done without a consultation that allows us to know as much as possible about our clients project. Things we consider are style, color scheme and layout. Knowing these things allows for Blink Group to select the most suitable pieces and placement of those pieces. Your consultant will use our network of artists to its full potential, identifying people and pieces for your home art collection that perfectly fit the atmosphere of a residential space.


Our number one priority when working on a healthcare project is to provide art that soothes and inspires the minds of the those living or visiting the facility. We understand the impact that art has on a patients recovery and their quality of life. When selecting art for a healthcare facility, it is so important to choose the right art consultant that understands the arts purpose in the facility. Blink Group promises to deliver a selection of art that makes the impact necessary to any healthcare facility project.

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