Born from a love of art and friendships, our mission is to ensure that every detail and every aspect of our artist and client relations is perfect.

BlinkGroup is a fine art private curator in Miami, Florida, serving clients in the United States and abroad. We create art programs tailored to the needs of our client, keeping both aesthetic and cost in mind. We would love to speak with you to personally assist you in selecting the perfect piece.

We have an unparalleled selection of paintings, photography, sculpture, and drawings by over 10, 000 artists from around the world.

Our personalized art advisory service gives you access to your own expert curator, with access to a wide range of artwork suitable for all budgets and projects. If there is a piece you are interested in, contact us, so we can place a hold on that work. Be sure to mention the artist and title with the request to hold or purchase. We look forward to working with you.

Truth above all:
All truth in art stems  from doing battle. Spiritual, emotional and Physical. The truth is projected by its artist, limitations cease to exist when you stand in your truth.
Manifestation comes despite darkness and doubt into light it is alive in its passion. Meet our warriors of truth in art.

Elizabeth Reyes, BlinkGroup Gallery