Blink Group is a contemporary art gallery founded by Elizabeth Reyes in 2012. We offer extensive experience in art consulting, acquisition advice, sourcing of artists, art collection building, and curated art exhibitions. Blink Group represents both established and emerging international artists who create contemporary art which can include: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and new media. We participate throughout the year in international art fairs to introduce our artists to a global audience. This also allows collectors to discover new and original art from around the world. Our mission is to ensure that every detail of our artist/client relationship meets their every need. We believe that by building meaningful bonds within the art world can lead to unique works of art reaching a broader audience. Blinkgroup Fine Art Gallery wishes to give everyone the chance to be artistically transformed.

  1. You can work directly with an expert team of curators to receive guidance on what to buy, artwork documentation, collection planning and development. 
  2. We represent artists from all over the world with a focus in Latin America, and South Florida artists. 
  3. We source directly from artists’ studios, workshops, and foundries to meet our clients’ expectations. 
  4. We create comprehensive exhibition planning for any environment by curating and managing specialized exhibitions.
  5. We ship artworks to buyers everywhere from the artist’s studio to your door, so you don’t have to pay high gallery or retail prices.
  6. Support emerging artists at a crucial time in their careers and have beautiful artwork to enjoy every day.
  7. We believe that clients are an essential part of the team, along with artists, curators, architects, and interior designers. In a successful project, we work together to achieve the goals.
  8. We do all the research for you so that you can purchase the works with confidence, knowing the history and provenance of the artwork.

If you require further guidance on which works to buy, or if you would like to commission any of the artists on our website to make an artwork specifically for you, please contact us at art@blinkgroup.net. We look forward to hearing from you.
Email: Art@blinkgroup.net
Tlf: 305.587.4744
Web: blinkgroup.net

Elizabeth Reyes is the Founder of Blink Group Us LLC, as well as the Director and Curator of BlinkGroup Gallery and BlinkGroup Projects. Elizabeth is of Cuban background and raised with a diverse culture between South America and the United States. Elizabeth is no stranger to the art industry, as her father, Andy Pruna was a major documentary filmmaker,  and her closest uncle, Emilio Sanchez, was a fine artist known for his architectural paintings. Her corporate experiences in the world of fashion and luxury goods in the United States and Europe led to her realizing her newest, most flourishing visions within the Art world.

Elizabeth has taken her gallery experience and seamlessly transferred her eclectic aesthetic into the perfect partnership with established interior designers and individuals seeking a customized re-invention of their homes and businesses. Elizabeth brings this highly cultivated, heartfelt skill into every design project she undertakes.